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    This school will be conducted in English where you will learn intensively about traditional Japanese woodworking. It will be taught directly by an active Japanese carpenter. An English speaking carpenter will also be at hand to help interpret.

    By learning about Japanese traditional woodworking with me, you can discover the charms and depth of the Japanese woodworking culture. With these attained skills, working with wood becomes an endless possibility.




    Cancellation Policy

    61 days or more before the start of the course:

    • Full Refund


    • Change the course date


    60 days to 41 days before the start of the course:

    • 20% cancellation fee


    • Change the course date


    40 days to 21 days before the start of the course:

    • No refund
    • Change the course date


    20 days before the start of the course:

    • No refund
    • No course change

    *The course can only be changed to a month where there is still an availability.

    Learn Japanese woodworking in English. Intensive course 1 month course
    460,000.00 - 500,000.00
    1.Introduction to Japanese Woodworking Tools:

    2.Using Japanese Woodworking Tools:

    3.Making Japanese Joinery:

    4.Getting familiar with a Kanna:

    Each month ,a maximum number of students: 4 pax.

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